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Legal Company "Lex Forum" expresses you the respect and offers to consideration on legal support of business of your company. The Legal Company "Lex Forum" formed in 2004. Successful development of the company became possible owing to creation of professional personal, who capable to reach the greatest possible results in each concrete situation. For the period of existence of the Legal Company "Lex Forum" agreements on partnership with the legal companies of such countries as Germany, Czechoslovakia, the USA, Greece, Lithuania, Russia and Kazakhstan are signed. It is lead a number of significant investment, trading, intermediary projects of our clients. Owing to participation of partners, our clients can in any of the listed countries to feel security of the business. The Legal Company "Lex Forum" attitudes between financial groups are adjusted, contracts with banks and the insurance companies of Ukraine about mutual cooperation are signed. The Legal Company "Lex Forum" highly appreciates the business of partners, and to aspire to justify the rendered trust.

The Legal Company "Lex Forum" offers the services in realization by your company of business in Ukraine territory. Often Legal Company "Lex Forum" is engaged the customer as the general agent. The legal company can represent the customer in mutual relations about business by partners, banks, the insurance and auditor companies, appraisers, agencies of the real estate, advertising agents, customs brokers, mass media and so forth. It will be easier to you to deal with one representative, than with several. For realization of yours business of intentions we shall render legal services:

  • Representation of your interests in the state and commercial organizations;
  • Search business of partners;
  • Participation in carrying out of negotiations;
  • Gathering of the information on the certain segment of the market;
  • Registration of investments;
  • Development individual business-schemes of protection of actives and movements of financial streams;
  • Selection of the personnel;
  • Registration and support of activity of your company;
  • Accreditation at customs;
  • Reception of licenses and sanctions;
  • Registration of the trade mark;
  • Conducting the accounting reporting;
  • Representation in courts;
  • Legal support of activity of your company.
  • The Legal Company "Lex Forum" will support in any direction of your business development.

    Yours faithfully,
    Operating Partner Taras Artemenko


    Ukraine, Kiev,
    (+38044) 223 46 91;
    (+38067) 498 66 92;

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